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Lucy Cooke

Branding and Website for Lucy Cooke – Zoologist, broadcaster, author & founder Sloth Appreciation Society. Lucy is, as Charlotte Moore – controller of BBC1 puts it : ‘an exciting new face for the channel, bringing a unique wit and insatiable curiosity to natural history programming. Lucy invites us all to think about the natural world in new and suprising ways you haven’t thought of before.’

It was for us to bring this fresh take on bringing Natural History to a wider audience and this gift of inclusivity that connects Lucy with her viewers. The branding and Art Direction had to show the serious side of what she does as well as the fun energy she brings to every show. Her website had to be super UX friendly as her general audience ranges from children right through to silver surfers! A visit for those seeing her and wanting to know more to industry or press interested in links to her other works, the site seems simple but contains a wealth of information if you want to explore more of Lucy’s past shows, her  Sloth Appreciation Society or even just find out more about how she got into nature. Go and explore for yourself!

– Branding
– Brand Strategy
– Art Direction
– Web Design + Development

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