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No Idea’s Original

Branding and Art Direction for HUXLEY’s new record label No Idea’s Original.

Setting the tone for the label with super flexi branding and a stand alone icon was important. Huxley sums up the labels concept perfectly in the Mixmag interview : “It’s called No Idea’s Original because I kept getting asked for ‘concepts’ for things and found it exasperating. Everything has to have an ‘original concept’ these days, or so people in the music industry will tell you, and it’s bollocks – not least because no idea is original these days. Just putting music out or doing parties because you want to and are passionate should be enough.”

A final tasty package was put together of Digital Packshot, 12″ Vinyl cover + inner, online data capture single webpage and a digital social media pack. If the last release is anything to go by this label is going to do big things in 2016.

– Art Direction
– Branding

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