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Slothville is the headquaters of the Sloth Appreciation Society, founded by National Geographic explorer, award-winning TV producer, presenter and best-selling author Lucy Cooke. The club is already firmly established but with a brand refresh, shiny new website plus a beauiful set of iMessage stickers working with one of our favourite supertalented illustrators Natalie Strange, we are very happy to help spread the love out for our sloth friends even further.

As well as being the portal to keep up to date with all things sloth it’s also a hub for like-minded people to take a leaf out of the sloth’s book and appreciate the meaning of slowing down ourselves in our everyday lives.

The site contains facutal information about what IS a sloth as well as links to buy calenders and books and of course, signing up to join the club!

Slothville iMessage Stickers

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